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Jul 8, 2006
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I liked the way the characters entered the arena in SSB. I don't know why they took it out of SSBM but I hope that they put it back into SSBB. Also, it would be cool to see charater videos in one of the extra options of SSBB. Where you could see either a characters background or at least which game they're from.
Yeah 4 ex Mr. Game and watch, I think they should put a little history of who is him = to Pit, Meta Knight and others
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yeah, because i didnt know where GaW and IC were until i read under the trophies. i was just thinking the videos cuz i think the preview for SSBB was really cool and it introduced snake sorta and kinda where he came from
A video of Mewtwo's origin would be cool. I had to day it.
It would be cool, I don't know if anybody has said it yet but, to have the characters that you pick to fight, enter the arena like in smash where falcon got out of his car, and samus appeared out of the elevator and the mario brothers appeared out of their pipes. That would be cool to bring back from the original.
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yeah, that was the original point to this thread but thank you for agreeing with us
Yea I just couldn't remember what was said, it all went lopsided.
Those Entrances though would rock on the wii though, because they cxould make them so much cooler. Like if you do a certain button combination they enter differently. That would be cool.
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Here are some cool ideas for the new characters that someone from smashboards came from:

Y.Link - The "beam of light" intro
Falco - Arwing intro
Pichu - Pokeball intro
Bowser - Arrives in his clown car.
Peach - Floats to the stage with her umbrella.
Mr. G&W - A G&W pad is on the ground and Mr. G&W climbs out of it.
Dr. Mario - Arrives in an ambulance (C.Falcon style).
Zelda/Ganondorf - Something related to the Triforce.
Marth/Roy - Sorry, I don't know enough about them to give them an intro.
Ice Climbers - A mountain base appears and they arrive from the "top" of it.
Mewtwo - The wind becomes up very, very firece creating a swirl of air underneath of him as he floats down (think how the air moved when a character in DBZ powered up.)
Wario - He crashes his motorcycle on the stage.
Zamus - Same as Samus only with the addition of Samus pushing a button on her suit, resulting in the suit falling off.
Metaknight - I don't know much about him, but perhaps have him suddenly land on the stage while in the background his ship is seen flying away.
Pitt - I don't know a whole lot about him, but perhaps some kind of "heavenly portal" opens and he flies out.
Snake - He "sneaks" onto the stage under his box and then throws it off (like in the trailer.)

Other Possabilities:
Sonic - He races by in one direction, races back, and on his third pass through, he stops causing a cloud of smoke to engulf him (think the intro to the Sonic games when they yelled "SEGA.")
Diddy - He lands on the stage with the help of his jetpack and his pistols drawn, he then puts them away.
Krystal - Kyte flys in and Krystal jumps off of his back (Fox style).
Maybe they could also do like a dual entrance. Like when its a team battle and you and your partner are mario and yoshi, they could come in with yoshi carrying mario on his back or something. Also if like you pick the right partner and they do the right entrance they get like a power boost with their attacks. ex: Mario luigi, Bowser Baby bowser, Marth Roy, DK Diddy, Pikachu Pichu.
Not all of them have to have character related partners though.
I like the idea except the whole power boost thing but then its kinda ripping ekken tag but its a great idea and if u choose enemies ex. link and ganondorf the could be fighting on stage beforehand but what would happen when double caracters are used? ex. one chooses mario and the teammate does also

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