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Apr 4, 2007
Wii Online Code
I think (hope) this thread will go over pretty well. Just post a channel that you would like the Wii to feature. You can make it a channel that you think the general public would enjoy or you can make it a channel that you yourself would enjoy and other people necessarily wouldnt. You can be as detailed as you like when making your channel. I am creating a channel that suits me personally and will be EXTREMELY detailed, down to each individual screen. Here's mine:

Diet and Fitness Channel
After loading you are brought a screen featuring all of your mii's. After selecting a mii you are brought to your mii's homepage. This page is set-up very similar to the Create A Mii page. At the top there are different tabs which you can click on to change your mii's data. There are 5 tabs:
Status: This page shows the current status of this particular Mii. This information includes weight, height, BF% and BMI and your lift numbers. The information you enter changes the way your mii looks, which adds to its uniqueness. These changes, however, only appear in the Diet and Fitness Channel.
Bodybuilding Exercises: Here you can write up your lifting routine. You can log what exercises you did on certain days, what rep/set scheme you used and even log how you felt that day, whether you thought you did well or could have done better.
Cardiovascular Exercises: Here you can list what cardio exercises you did on a particular day. This includes Running, Jogging, Walking, Swimming, Biking along with many others. Depending on the exercise you did, how long you did it and at what speed you did it, this page will determine how many calories you burned.
Diet: Here you track your diet on a daily basis. Put down the foods you eat and it will automatically add up your daily intake. This way you can track how much protein, carbs, fats and calories you ate on a particular day. In fact, your daily caloric intake will decrease depending on how much activity you did that day, resulting in a highly accurate number.
Goals: Here you can write up goals on a calander. After writing goals, you will be reminded of these goals months, weeks or days before they are due (depending on which option you select). Not only will this page hold your future goals, it will also be a way of preserving your past goals. When you reach a certain PR, you can write it down on the day you reached it.

I will be editing this post when I think of more ideas. Check back later but for now post your own channel ideas!
Well I wouldn't mind have an all sports channel.
I guess it would be like the news channel, but you get updates about sports.
First you set where you live etc, so they can assume which teams you would cheer for.

Then you go to the main screen of the channel, and choose which sport you would like to hear about, and possibly have them add a feature where you can watch different games as well, so I guess it would be like having a tv channel as well, but I would like to have a sports one. Then when you are playing different sports games like Baseball, Basketball etc, Wii connect 24 can update your game with all the latest trades and signings etc.
A long shot, but thats my idea.
I vote for a Wii / Nintendo channel . A channel that will broadcast new game info and videos , Nintendo news of up coming updates / plans , a feature of the VC game of the month , Old or current video of interviews of game makers talking about they game they made .
I could go on and on but you get the idea .
hmm how about a paint channal kinda like the paint in the start menu but with more features
i would vote for a Barganing channel. where nintendo would mabye bargain things like internet channel downgraded or some really old game that no one has downloaded for a lower price than usual. also costs wii points. and you could buy 100 - 500 wii points too.

Another channel could be Game channel. where you can create a basic game and download other games. you are also allowed to put in games from the internet and make them wifi. costs wii points.

another one is demo channel. where you can demo every game out on the wii. and mabye some coming to a soon release.

Lastly theres Animation Central. where you can create a short simple animation (like using flash but less accessory's) and you would be able to view instead of download other's. Also you can download previews and interviews.
Somthing to make all of the ch in order. like put all of the nes games on one page by letters.
A demo ch like some one said
A ds download ch like for geting demos for your ds
Bigjake52 said:
A ds download ch like for geting demos for your ds

this will be comming in the future... said:
it already happened. DS Download play... and you cant play ds games on the wii cmon...
you missunderstood..

there is a article somewhere which states nintys intention to send us DS demos as a message, which we can then download from the Wii onto our DS via the WiFi, the general idea would be wake up in the morning to a blue light and a new DS demo to play.
The Swap Channel Where People Can Swap Games And A E3 Channel For The E3 Conference To Keep Us All Posted I Wouldnt Also Mind A Satalite Channel Where You Get Sattalite Images From Space As Im Sure All Keen Geographers Would Like
what about a chat channel where people can......hmmm chat maybe
I would like some type of organizational system for all the Wii games I've downloaded. That way they're not just scattered everywhere. You can just click Wii game and then all of your downloaded Nintendo games all come up in a list
Mingus said:
I would like some type of organizational system for all the Wii games I've downloaded. That way they're not just scattered everywhere. You can just click Wii game and then all of your downloaded Nintendo games all come up in a list
Got that

That would be so worth it

And the ch where you can swap games. but for like 5 hrs or somthing and then the game comes back by it's self

And like what some one said a ch for chat
And demos of games