Dark Prinnys GBA Movie player review


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May 30, 2006
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Let me start off in sayin that im using this on a ds lite and it sticks out a bit double the size of the dust cover slightly bigger than a gba cart


Heres more info
Formats suported
video ALL.
Audio mp3 not been tryed dont like mp3s.
Pics all again
Battery it says GBA 9 hours nonstop DS 8

First impresions : Well its not for looking at like i said it sticks out a bit.
Installing : a lota files to install (5) but theres a handy read me file. i reacon a noob can figer it out.
Config : You need to convert files to gba format (prog included) its easy to do (recon my mum can do it)
Qual : Dont go for the high compresion its awful. high qual is psp qual (take that sony)
Film time : go for a 1 gig card (there geting cheaper)
high qual 160 mins
mid qual 400
rubbish 640

All in all buy one if you like to watch movies on the go
4 outa 5

any questions

and get some head phones while your at it.
Yeah I have it I converted the matrix trilogy onto it and the Jet Li film The One greatest :D
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Samurai x
and a load of anime (yes im a anime freak)
wait how do you get the SD card to read?

A special GBA cart that reads SDs?

I understand, but I've never heard of it being done, very cool
very cool, are they hard to find? expensive?

never mind, I just clicked on your link and found my answers. :lol:
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the one on my first post will link you to a reliable site to buy one
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yep if you own the thing your converting
but as it states its not a offical nintendo product
but liksang dont do illegal stuff
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<<<full on fan
(i still buy it)
(and manga)
(and the other stuff)

allright who shouted otaku
sounds sweet i could load up my fav family guy episodes (i dont like anime much ether i watched it once my dad thought i was watching porn lol... all the screaming and stuff....(i was 11))
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Maybe play emu with downloaded roms
or take dirty pics of it (its under age ather all)