DBZ or mortal kombat


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Sep 20, 2006
Auzzie land (freo)
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i just read a hands on article from ign of mortalk kombat ( source: http://au.wii.ign.com/articles/777/777421p1.html )..
first of all i was gonna get dbz but ign seem to love mortal kombat.. when does mortal kombat come out?

ime gonna get super paper mario aswell when that comes out, and godfather ( SO MANY GAMES)

edit: ign says that mortal kombat is supposed to be coming april 30 in europe. and 15 may US
Wel if i were u id get MK Armaggedon, The GodFather BlackhandEdition, and guess i might just add on Paper Mario. (Hey, dont foget bout Mario Galaxy, id rather save the money 4 that game than Paper Mario!):)
MK Armageddon for sure. I have been fiening for that game since i got the wii, no other game has interested me except for Zelda. Plus it has the closest thing to mario kart wii included.
Get MK:A...i cant wait for it, it comes out in the early weeks of may for the US...but mid April for UK! wierd huh?