Debating whether to pick up a GC


Apr 30, 2006
All this Wii news lately is making me pretty itchy so im debating whether or not to pick up a GC to tide me over. Plus they have really dropped in price over here.

What are the top 5 must have games? and anything else i should know about the console :cool:
well, it depends on what kinda games you like....personally when i think of the top games for the gc i think of the staple nintendo titles, in no particular order:
mario sunshine
mario kart double dash
metroid prime (both are good, the first is a little less confusing and easier to get through due to the lack of a complete parallel reality)
zelda: wind waker

different suggestions:
a lot of people love the resident evil series for gc, but personally i've never played it

soul calibur ii is an excellent fighting game and is dirt cheap now

if you're into music donkey konga is a blast
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Yea im thinking along the lines of the staple nintendo series, mario, zelda etc.

Thanks for the info i'll check these out.. Always been a massive fan of the Zelda series and given these new Wii screens i dont think i can wait aha.
don't know how much you know about wind waker, but don't be put off by the graphics the first time you see them....very cartoonish, but once you play it you'll see how well done they are and its a nice change of pace from most games
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
Resident Evil 4
Mario Kart: double dash
and maybe a harvest moon game or animal crossing...
Ohh, and definatly Metroid Prime
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Yea i've seen the games before and to be honest i was a little put off with the cartoonish graphics. But since then i've played a fair share of the serious type games on ps2/xbox etc and i just need a new Nintendo fix :D
New Guy Here! Hello all

I would go with

Zelda:Wind Waker
Animal Crossing
Resident Evil 4
Smash Brothers

Theres many others as well, Eternal Darkness is awesome, Metroid of course but im not a huge FPS person, If you have others to play with Smash Brothers and a Mario Party are a given.
If you are into the stealth/action games, you should try the Splinter Cell games, graphics and gameplay are great. Would also definitely recommend the classics like SSBM and Mario Kart Double Dash.
The gamecube is definitly worth the buy. You can enjoy lots of Nintendo to tide you over until Wii.
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Resident Evil 4 is also worth picking up the Gamecube. Everything about the game shows you the potential Gamecube does have. Resident Evil 4 is one of the best looking games on all consoles.
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I would wait, that way when you get the Wii, you can buy a bunch of GC games for a song and have hours upon hours of games to play.

I also am waiting for the Wii, don't own a cube so I have not only the Wii games to look forward too, but also all the cube games I missed.
I would say get one because they are so cheap and if you do go and get one get.
Smash Brothers--------------Great with many people
Mario Sunshine
Mario Cart--------------------Great with many people
Resident Evil