Destroy Wii!

they do this with every net system. they did it with the 360, PSP, DS, PS2, xbox1, gamecube. its funny i think
I think they should do more creative things for destroying systems. Like acid, or fire, or burying it and watching people trying to dig it up!
i will life if they actually do try to destroy the wii but they cant break it. Its so strong that it just gets minor scratches after throwing it on the floor or hitting it with a hammer. If they did that infront of some fanboys, i reckon someone would go up to them and beat them up.
darthbeaverxp said:
They will do it it happened with the 360 and theyr gonna do it with ps3 (ouch $600 down the drain) but these kids bought a 360 and they lit it on fire with gasoline and got mining axes and mallets and smashed the **** out of it. Enjoy:
yeah, what a waste of money. the PS3 will shatter the first time they drop it coming out of the store:lol: