Did you know? (From brawl)


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Feb 18, 2009
Do you know any secret or anything from brawl somepeople may not know? :thumbsup:

One i have just found out is that when you use Luigi Final Smash (Negative Zone) sometimes makes Snake go in to his Box :eek:ut:

Another one is that on the Bridge of Eldin stage when the gap is being filled use jigglypuff Final Smash (Puff Up) where the missing bridge is and She will grow and grow but will not go back down.
Yep, knew both of those things.

Brawl has a bunch of wierder, situational quirks:
-ZSS does a horizontal air-roll thing if she tries to up+B into a flipstool while right on top of someone who is standing on the stage
-Jigglypuff will vertical-KO herself if her shield breaks
-Marth can trap someone with his down tilt by using it over and over again to pin him/her against the rightmost pillar in Hyrule
-Pikachu will jump on the second quick-attack if you Quick-attack to the ground and then try to QA off of it.
-Pit and Jigglypuff can be in Neutral B forever.
-Snake-slide glitch
-Sonic's down Smash can spike. The hit box is directly under him (literally on the stage), however, so it's only doable on stages like Delfino Plaza.

etc. etc. etc...
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I know that using Pit,Charizard and MK's flight ability you can go round stages like final destination and using a deflect shield on a Hothead will convert it (so to speak) wow its hard trying to think of something other people may not know oh when using Zero Laser you can tilt it up and down using the directional keys
I can't remember... but there is something to do with a Magikarp.

Maybe it's that if you have a sticky bomb on you that the Magikarp sticks to you too (if you slide by)... or maybe it explodes somehow. Can't remember, but I do remember laughing like crazy.
Magikarp? I see no Magikarps in Brawl.

I believe you mean Goldeen. ;D ... Magikarp should of been Brawl. His splash attack would kill you all. :mad2:

Aaaanyways... I've never heard of that sticky bomb glitch, interesting. Now if only I could witness it... anyone got a youtube video of it? [/lazy]
Not sure how common knowledge this is but....

Use Snake's D-smash (which like is a land mine I think) and have King Dedede stand in front of it and inhale (neutral-B) and the mine will repeatedly explode, until someone is hit by it or Dedede stops inhaling. It doesn't seem to work with Kirby instead of Dedede. I discovered this by accident with some random person in a Basic Brawl.
It's a relatively common "glitch". Not as well known as things like Gigglypuff, but... eh.

It's caused because when D3 starts to inhale, it's considered a contacting attack; minus the damage. Kirby's Inhale isn't the same in this way, it only has suction. Since D3's inhale is constantly causing contact with the land mine, it creates an exploding loop.

This only works because the Landmine is touch-sensative, even though that's obvious.
I saw a couple such as:

Bridge of Eldin: Use Wolf or Faclo or Fox. Hold the Final Smash. Use it when the gap fills. Then no Final Smash for you!!!!
Same with R.O.B but u get to keep the Smash and it's super annoying....
Assist Trophy- Metroid- Once it attaches to u press B and up repeatedly.
On an icy stage Run and use Captain Falcons Final Smash. He'll fall off the screen and die....
[DS]Leader;1010154 said:
On an icy stage Run and use Captain Falcons Final Smash. He'll fall off the screen and die....

I saw that glitch a week ago. Epic lulz. :lol:
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Luigi down taunt cause damage or knock people off ledges
all of these are old.
if only i could send you my replays.
how about how to walk in walls on custom stages? i figured it out a couple months ago and it takes a specific set up to work

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