Do You Like The Interactivness In Zelda

Balls, if you're getting the shield slam and spin attack when you don't want them then you're doing something wrong, I've never once shield attacked when I meant to spin or vice versa. I think the aiming is much easier than using an analogue stick and I don't think the game would benefit from near 1:1 swordfighting because of the distance you are from Link most of the time, 2nd person maybe or 1st person but not 3rd. I just don't feel the tackiness that a lot of you seem to I know its just a GC with 16:9 and a few gestures but the controls still feel solid/better than normal to me.
Lethal said:
I wish there was a way to turn off the motion sensor in this game. Sometimes I just dont feel like waving my hands around. I think thats why I havent played it as much as I would like. Aiming the slingshot and boomerang gets really annoying too. Other than that the game is solid.
go into the options menu and turn the pointer off. you can then aim with the nunchuck stick.
Its good but the wii should have the sensor like a program in the wii inside the tv because it just doesnt feel like im acualy aiming at that spider on the vine.