the official "WHAT GAMES DO YOU HAVE" thread

RedFox said:
Yeah....Wii Sports never really gets 100% boring to me. It's always something I can play as a "last resort." :lol:
True dat.its the first game you get and it has all of thease different games and modes and training,nope doesnt get boring!
I have: The Sims 2 Pets (7/10), Wii Sports (8.5/10), Smooth Moves (8/10), Rayman Raving Rabids (9.5/10), and Harry Potter OOtP (9/10)
1. Resident Evil 4 [9.4/10]
2. Zelda TP [9.2/10]
3. Red Steel [8.5/10]
4. Wii Sports [8/10]

Resident Evil 4 Favourite Game.