Does anyone like Wii better than Kinect?


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Jul 7, 2009
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Yea, xbox tends to steal ideas off of sony from time to time such as the Eyetoy. They just want to have as much of a consumer base as possible but as we know RRoD os a common occurence. Oh and what is with the Kinect Xbox having only a4Gb HDD. The xbox i had had 120Gb.

Lol, you feel ripped off. I bought an older model Arcade System. They come with 256MB, meaning the newer Arcade you bought, has 16x more Memory than mine (yours = 4,096MB > 256MB = Mine). I also have to pay another $100 to buy an Obsolete Designed Network Adapter making my system cost $300, while everyone now, pays $200 getting theirs built-in. What pisses me off is they are not planning to drop prices on the $99.99 Network Adapters (Micro$oft; Micro£oft; Micro¥soft).


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Dec 31, 2010
I think they are already too late. Nintendo is going to come out with something new and then everyone's going to forget about Kinect and its 2 games.

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