(Dont panic) Europe:March 07


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Aug 27, 2006
Wales, UK
This is only a roumer because Argos are idiots but..


I hope to god this is not true. I was excited about tomorrow, but now im just worried and anxious. Ill be glad to have a wii anytime before the end of the year... even xmas day.

Sorry i dont think that link works. Ill keep it there just in case. Here is the actual argos site. Look at the top right corner for the wii. Sorry if this page has changed by the time you see it


I understand that argos is not a very reliable source, but the wii is so far mimiking the launch of the DS, which was released march 3rd in Europe.

P.S If it turns out this is true, i feel even sorrier for you people in Australia.
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I think someone's got the PS3 confused with the Wii.

Im pretty sure that's just a silly mistake.

Edit: Looks like they've changed it to 'Winter 2006'
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But there is a similar advert for the ps3 right underneath it. To be honest, as i said, they are a very unreliable source and are just taking pot-shot guesses, but it never really occured to me that nintendo would delay it that long, but now im not so sure. Simply cannot wait till tomorrow now.

And it still says March 2007 on my page....(gulp)

Please by right ion, as usual...
lol it is a bit worrying though, i wonder when they put that date up.. if they did it weeks or days ago then fair enough.

But if they changed it at some point today its a little worrying, did they get a tip off? :nonod:
They did the same thing with the DS didn't they :(

Well if March 07 is confirmed I will be putting in an order with play asia.