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Jun 19, 2006
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U dont think that if the wii is released then the DS sales are comming down??? well, I think in Japan they dont but in America ( The Whole Latin America and North America ) and Europe the sales are comming down???
Not sure exactly what your asking. If you mean, will the Wii launch when DS sales slow, the answer is no. It's apples to oranges.
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Mario Famous said:
This is idiotic, thw Wii will be compatable with the DS, why would it hinder Wii sales?

Are you stupid or :tard: I said the Wii will harm the DS Sells, not reverse.
wow. I am REALLY confused.

1) please use correct (or at least readable) grammer and spelling
2) what the hell is going on here?
Guys, the DS is going to be able to hook up to the Wii in many ways, if anything the DS sales will go up. Now that I think about it they may even have a DS/Wii package combo u could buy:)
You dont all have to act on him he is simply Asking, so give him a straight answer instead of saying "this post is so Stupid*Whine Voice*"
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