DS Trade In for DSi & Missing Stylet?


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Sep 19, 2007
My son has the original DS but is missing the stylet. He called Gamestop to see if they'd accept his old DS for the $50 DSi trade in credit even though the stylet is missing. They told him 'No'.

Is this correct? Or do you think they heard a little kid on the other end of the phone and just blew him off? Would we have better luck having my husband go in to Gamestop by himself and ask for the DSi trade in?

We've been to every store imaginable trying to find the old style DS stylet. No luck.
Yeah your out of luck.
Iv got the same problem.
If you don't have the styles and charger + anything you got when you 1st brought your DS they wont except it.
You could try to sell it on ebay or just to a person you know.
As far as i know the chances of finding a styles for the DS is 1:100000 in a retail store, but once again try ebay or friends.
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Amazon links are playing up on the forum at the moment (but not when I quoted Prinny's post .. .. hmmmmmmm odd) .. .. .. .. but I agree .. .. .. I bought replacement styluses from Amazon a while ago. I got 2 DS and 2 DSLite in a pack for about £5

In before accusations that in in leagues with amazon
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Thanks. I found a seller through Amazon who has a pack of 3 new stylus for a total of $4.50(includes shipping). Placed the order and once it arrives, will take it all to Gamestop.
Good to hear :thumbsup:. Hope he enjoys his DSi, personally I don't think there worth the $300 dollars in Australia. But that limited edition Mario DS lite is coming out very soon and looks tempting.


I was going to say just buy a new stylus too - good call! They are cheap and Gamestop will give you much more on your trade-in if it's there.

I traded in my DSLite for a DSi and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!