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Jun 24, 2006
Virginia, USA
Wii fund.

I was thinknig of a crazy idea and pooling some money and give it to people who do special things on the forums, to help raise the fund for the Wii and help them get games.So in turn heres how it works.

We pick a responsible member on the forums to hold the money for people.
Everymonth we pick a person on the forum who has done a lot by being active bringing new members and everything.
Then after the people on the forums vote, The winner wins the money for the month to go towards the Wii.

Nice idea? i think it is.
Yeah good idea in theory but most people if they have enough money for the wii they will not donate money they will be using it to get their wii and games for it, and the people who are saving for the wii are not going to donate money because theres a chance they will not get it back. And the thing about transferring money, i doubt many people here have paypal accounts etc.

if you could find a way to do it that would be awesome tho
Transfering money is no problem at all PayPal does the job for everybody really fast and easy.
Even transfering to a and from a bank account is no problem.
The big problem I think is " trust " can you trust somebody with your money or can you trust other people that say they will donate but don't.

It's a really good idea but hard to do online in my opinion.
Even due this would work really good if everybody just donated just 1 dollar.
So its like giveing to charty

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