FREE Nintendo Wii - is giving away $250!

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Apr 30, 2006
UK is giving away $250 towards your Nintendo Wii fund!

Yup, one of you lucky buggers is gonna get an extra pile of money to stick in your Wii fund. By my reckoning $250 should be enough to get you the Wii console and more than likely a game.

I've seen a few other competitions online, promising a FREE NINTENDO WII OMG. But honestly how reliable is that? Are they really going to be able to get their mits on one to ship to the winner.. who knows.

So thats why im giving out, cold, hard cash :)

This is the first of many contests and giveaways so i thought lets start with a big juicy one and set the pace.

Here's some more info on the contest.

**NOTE: The referrer counts are only from the period of August 22 - September 19.

What do i have to do to win?

The concept is simple, all you have to do is refer the most members to the forum in the next 4 weeks.

goto this page:

There is a link at the top of that page, that is YOUR unique link. All new members who sign up with that link will credit your referral count by 1 point.

You can keep a trick of the referral numbers on that page.

On September 19th 2006, all points will be counted an a winner announced.

Here are the rules:
  1. No referring yourself and signing up with multiple accounts, i can tell and you will be disqualified from the competition.
  2. The members you refer must post 5 posts to be counted as a referral.
  3. Spam posts will be deleted and wont count.
  4. No spamming of the referral link on this forum.
  5. Contest closes September 19th 2006.
  6. The Administrators decision is final.
Ideas to help you get started:
  • Member of Why not send out a few bulletins to your friendslist.
  • Email friends / family.
  • Tell your friends at School/College/Work.
  • Maybe you have your own blog or website, stick it on their - make an update about it.
  • Why not put the link and info as your username for MSN/AIM or ICQ.
Prize Terms
  • Contest is open to all registered members of the community including moderators.
  • Prize will be awared via amazon gift vouchers to the sum of $250 (UK only)
  • If overseas the prize will be awarded via PayPal (other options available).
Good Luck guys!
May the best man wiin! (sorry)
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m7ticalm said:
OMG, this is great!, is this a trick though or is it real? how did u come with all that money?

Ofcourse its real :)

This was one of the surprises i mentioned earlier, didnt plan on announcing this until after the launch date had be announced, but im just utterly useless at keeping secrets :lol:
that would be awesome if I could be bothered to do it. (and no its not because i have no friends)
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m7ticalm said:
You are too generous, how did u come with all that money though?

I have a decent full time job buddy, $250 won't break the bank :scared:
I reckon that u should have made a competeition which was "who can make the best logo for wiichat", but meh anything is good and i already got three guys to join but they didnt put me down as referals, i told Icetrash and Callum. Can i have them included? Plz?
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the referrals only count for the duration of the contest ( 22 august - 19 september ) , that way everyone starts the same, no unfair advantages.
Most of my friendsjust want to read the info on the site and not write on it..... Im gonna have to make them write
iOn! YOu know who should be winning this contest who made Haku Gaming who keep us informed every week iOn you tratior the 250 belongs to Lord Haku and what do you mean by refferals I am little confuse :?
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