Ea and summerwell s comment on wii u


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Dec 18, 2012
I swear this guy is a complete dick and has just buried ea into the ground his stupid comment saying the wii u and nintendo is walking well if there walking dead then what does that make ea ? Buried Ea have to remember they have no money compared to nintendo and plus ea was voted worst company 2 years straight Seriously ea get a ****ing grip of yourself and shut up you are no place to talk about anything you are a **** company that makes **** games seriously where are your decent games you have made and that not rushed ?? That's it no where All because nintendo did not let you put origin on the wii u you throw hissy fit grow up man origin are **** and crap And when nintendo do bring out there 1st party games and they will everyone knows it Ea will start to crawl on there knees saying sorry here have some games .This thing with Disney they like the wii u and can Easley pull the plug on ea any time they want so ea start treading carefully on things u say cause buisness for you could look very bleak from now after that comment you said .To be all honest E3 is just around the corner and nintendo will pull something very special out the bag it's going to be a very exciting g E3 and if nintendo deliver on the games that have been rumours like smash bros mario Kart and a new 3d mario game and possible hidden games not yet mention gonna be fire works that's for sure As for EA go sit and swivel you poor name for a company you be sorry in the end I just think you just given nintendo what they been looking for lol . Have your day on this comment and what do you tho k will happen next


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May 30, 2006
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