Endless ocean Blue World friends


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Dec 30, 2009
New Jersey
Wii Online Code
plz pm me your friend codes as i am getting the game in 2-4 days. when i get E.O.B.W i will pm everyone mines who pm me theirs. don't worry i hav wii speak too. if you want to add me on the wii consle my number is 0350 2273-50302-9869 pm me yours once you added me. Thx 4 ur time 2 read my thread.
Endless Ocean Blue World: 9462-8652-1735

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yea when I get money im buying this game it looks so cool
what are you talkiing about
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Hello A.J.

I hope you didn't mind, but I added you.

Please add me because I am looking for diving friends for Endless Ocean 2 Blue World.

My Friend code is 9938-0350-8460

Thank you