Epic Mickey coming to wii


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Mar 21, 2009
This game sure looks disturbing.At first i thought it was another kingdom hearts game.
there is other artwork,but im too lazy too find it right now,but it shows a goofy-robot thingy.
I cant believe Disney would allow such a grim looking game to come out.
A Disney game that looks different

Me reckons it wont sell
I'm too lazy to read about it, but how does it look disturbing, its MICKEY MOUSE, however if you tell me if it's a creepy game, Idk why disney would allow that
Included with the article there are a few hand drawn drawings that appear to be dark/evil I suppose and there is a character sketch of a bear headed creature with some sort of multilegged mechanical body.

Its hard to tell at this point of course due to no actual graphic pictures and basically nothing about plot or gameplay other than it being a platformer.

If you click the link you can just scroll down to page to see the art pieces