Error code 220602


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Jun 23, 2009
I have recently decided to connect my wii online using my wireless connection
After the initial test of my connection it says it was succesfull.., but when i try to connect to wiiconnect24 or the shop channel it says somethin about user agreement.. So i go there and when it trys to connect to theinternet for the user agree.. i get the error code i tried the trouble shooting walkthroughs for this error code but cant seem to get anything going.

I'f there is anyone who can help me resolve this issue, or had this happen to them please help me out..

Also I would like to mention i have my wireless connection setup on my xbox ps3 and 2 other computers.. and this just seems to be a wii problem
Visit the Nintendo website and go onto troubleshooting

There you can enter the error code and it tells you the problem - then you can find a solution

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