Error Code 51330 :@


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Jul 19, 2009
Ok. My Name is Anil, and im new to the forums, so howdy all :D

Anyway, to the point, I am the owner of a Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP.
I have been trying over the past 2 months to connect these devices to the internet, to enable all the wi-fi based benefits.
My PSP connected perfectly. I had NO problems, whatsoever.
But My Wii and DS are a completely different story...
I used WPA to connect my PSP, but after finding that the DS is only compatible with WEP, i changed my settings.
I used the auto obtain SSID stuff, and both the wii and ds optained everything,
The subnet mask, default gateway, ip's etc.
But when it came to a test connection i got error code 51330 :mad5:

The Wii is about 7 metres away from my router. I am on channel 13 broadcasting, and the wii got 2 bars signal.
My ds was right next to the router when trying with the DS, but i got no bars >.>

I tried using WPA, WEP and No encryption at all!
But still, Error code 51330 T_T

I contacted nintendo.
Credit to their aprroach. They explained in detail, and replied VERY quickly.
But they said to make sure my homehub was broadcasting its SSID.
If it wasnt, then my DS/PSP/Wii wouldnt be picking it up.
Still, i made sure that the router was (on the homehub a wireless light blinks when broadcasting).
They also said if that doesnt work, manually enter the settings.
This i did.
And then...

ERROR CODE 51330!!!!!

Gah i thought.
Then, onto youtube i went.
Error code 51330 fix.

There were about 5 videos, of which i watched all of them.
All of them said i had to manually input the Wii's Mac Address into my hub.
I had absolutely NO idea how to do this, so i googled:

Input Mac Address onto BT Hub.
I read about 6 pages.

4 of them said go into Config/Wireless/Config.
I went into Config, Wireless, but there was no config >.<

The Other 2 said that the BT Hub automatically enters the Mac address when connecting.

Below are two screens of the Config/Wireless Window and the Mac Address Window that i get in my Hub's Inventel.


Theyre all the Mac Addresses.
And i can confirm that none of the above are the wii's or ds's.
Just the PSPs.

So, honestly, my hub is a complete pain in the a**.
I have NO idea what do to.

Anyone got any idea how to fix this?

Help would be VERY appreciated.
And im sure if someone fixed this, youd have a carreer in the nintendo support desk.



P.S I have another router that isnt the BT Hub. It is made by a whole new company. I dont know if i should set it up, or if i should use it to expand my current routers wifi range.

This Blows :wtf:
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