European Wii in Canada 50 / 60Hz


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Feb 9, 2010

I brought my European Wii to Canada. I've bought a TV here and at first the Wii would only show black and white and the screen would go up and down, as if the refresh rate was totally wrong. I bought a PAL>NTSC converter hoping it was solved. I got colour now but still the screen goes up and down.

I think this has to do with the frequency/refresh rate which is at 50 Hz and should be at 60 Hz (or the other way around). However I can't really access Wii Settings with such a screen!

Is there any way I can change it without accessing Wii System Settings? Or without using the sensor bar? Cause I can easily press combinations on the Wii (eg down, down, A, right, +, A, etc) says I should have done it in Holland but totally didn't think about it ... any ideas?

EDIT: It's a big old Samsung television, nothing LCD/Plasma fancy type...
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