Extending the power of xFLOAT


Oct 13, 2010
Auckland, New Zealand
Wii Online Code
I really like the xFLOAT BBCode tag that you have added to this forum. I've used many bulletin boards in the past, and have run a few myself, so I appreciate a good add-on when I see one. I have used this feature on my first blog post on this site.

However, the xFLOAT tag is still slightly under-powered. If you compare it to the IMG tag, the xFLOAT tag lacks the ability to resize the image, which can be a problem. Also, it would be great to be able to alter the amount of padding between the image and the text. If you do decide to implement these suggestions, while you're at it, any chance you could add the ability to have an alt text?

Thanks for considering this request.
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