F1 2009: Details, screenshots, boxarts for the FIA Grand Prix weekend


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Feb 7, 2007
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In anticipation of the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend, Codemasters sent out a new batch of screenshots, as well as boxarts, for their Wii and PSP offering, F1 2009. This will be the first title in the series, and promises to deliver an authentic recreation of the current Formula 1 season.

Featured in F1 2009 are amazing bends like Becketts and Copse, where players can step into their hero's shoes and get on ahead of the race. The game will also feature a fully authentic FIA Formula One World Championship experience by bringing in all the teams, drivers, cars and tracks from the 2009 season.

This weekend's Grand Prix will feature two British drivers at the forefront of the sport, namely Jenson Button, who is currently leading the FIA Formula One World Championship, and Lewis Hamilton who is seeking to recapture the form that saw him win in his home grand prix last year, as well as the coveted FIA Formula One World Championship.

F1 2009 will be racing to your platform of choice by autumn of this year. Stay tuned here in QJ for more updates.

heres the link http://wii.qj.net/F1-2009-Details-screenshots-boxarts-for-the-FIA-Grand-Prix-weekend/pg/49/aid/132342

in my opion as far as now no racing wii game compares to Mario Kart.
Shame the F1 is fucked up. Also I was waiting for the PS3 version as it would actually be good, except that's fucked up now as it was for next year, but there probably won't be any more F1 next year : / Also you can't compare an F1 game to Mario Kart.
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I want a ps3 but too damn expensive, like a f*ckin arm & a leg for one but might just settel for 360.
i said for the wii of mario kart, also i dislike the f1 series, never engoyed it same as Pole position.
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