"Failed To Launch" Message


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Jul 7, 2009
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After Several Weeks Of Homebrewing, I Have Finally Decided to upgrade wii system menu, because now more apps are begining to be compatable. one of the new features that i have been experimenting with is the ability to launch channels from the SD card.

included in a bunch of my brewing things, is a wad manager (Wad Manager V1.3)

i went to system settings>data management>channels and moved this channel to the SD card, but when i went into the SD card via the home menu, i tried to launch the Wad Manager, and i got a "Failed To Launch" notification. Upon seeing this, i also tried to launch some of my *cough*homebrewedgames*cough* and discovered that they to, produce a "Failed To Launch" notification.

Has Anyone Else Encountered this problem? And if so, how do i go about fixing this?


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