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Sep 18, 2006
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What to expect from wii at launch*Updated*

What are we expection from Wii at Launch?​

This thread will be long. Be sure that when you are posting here that you have read everything because i don't want someone flaming me and making fun of me for this post and he didn't even read it. Now lets get started.

So you are really psyched about the Wii , the thing is that you don't know a single thought about the Wii!

Wii Channels

Wii will have a channel type menu. So whenever you point your wiimote onto the channel's box and click you will be transported to the selection made.

What channels does the wii consist of at launch?
The Wii will have the Disc Channel , the disc channel is the channel that plays your Wii games/GCn games that you have inserted into the system.
Next is the Miis Channel, a very interesting channel where you create a carricature and place him into your Mii world. And a few things unmentioned by nintendo that we will eventualy find out about Miis
The Photo Channel, Once you place your SD card into the Wii, You can view all your pictures onto the wii, you can edit them too! You can run the media on the SD cards.
WiiShopChannel, A channel of which contains the many games available to buy for your VC
Weather[Forcaste]Channel, This channel has the weather. So whenever you want to go outside and are too lazy to wait for that weather man to stop babbling you can go onto the wii and check there.
News channel, The channel that contains the news of the day.
Internet Channel, When purchasing a Wii from launch day to June 07 you will have the opera browser for free! But once you buy it after June 07 you will have to buy the opera browser. This channel has the opera browser, which is an internet browser. It has Ajax, Flash and Java! You can search around the net freely
[Insert VC game here] Channels , These channels are the ones that contain your VC games Downloaded.

GCN backwards compatibility
Yet another surprising feature added onto the wii. a part of the wii will have slots where you can insert your GCN controllers. you can then insert your GCN games into the Wii and play them!

First of all what are Miis? Miis are carricatures you create on your wii and place them into a mii world. you can put them onto your contrller and bring your controller to a friends house to play with your miis onto there wii! Miis can also be used in certain games such as Wii sports

The Bundle
The Wii Bundle costs 249.99$ US / 279.95$ CAN , the bundle consists of:
-1 Nunchuk
-1 wiimote
-1 Wii
-1 Wiisports

Launch Games
Although the launch titles haven't been comfirmed completly here is the list of them that are supposedly comming out:
-Avatar : The Last AirBender
-Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
-Blitz: The League - Not a Launch Title Anymore
-Call of Duty 3
-Disney and Pixar's Cars
-Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2
-Excite Truck
-Far Cry Vengeance
-GT Pro Series
-Madden NFL 2007
-Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
-Metal Slug Anthology
-Monster 4x4 World Circuit
-Need for Speed Carbon
-Open Season
-Rapala Tournament Fishing
-Rayman Raving Rabbids
-Red Steel
-SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab
-Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
-The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
-Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
-Trauma Center: Second Opinion
-World Series of Poker

VC Console
What is the VC console? The VC console, Also known as Virtual Console is a very nice...Awesome feature to the wii. This allows you to buy games from such systems as SNES [Super Nintendo Entertainement System] the NES [ Nintendo Entertainement System ] and N64 [ Nintendo 64{Bits} ]

What to expect at launch from VC?
Nintendo has announced that there will be 30 games to download at launch.

How much do games cost?
Games can cost from 5$ to 8$ to 10$, Depending on which system game upon which you download from.

ForeCast{Weather} Channel
What is the Forecast Channel?
The Forecast channel is a very interesting. It uses WiiConnect24 and you get the latest weather from [Insert Area where You live]

Wii Connect24
What Is WiiConnect24?
Wii Connect24 is a very impressive feature to the Wii. Using Your Wireless Internet, it is a wireless connection 24 hours. So even when your Wii is off you get the latest updates and news. Very impressive ;).

The Wii has a multiplayer function too! You can play certain games online. This isn't really comfirmed but i will add more when i get more info on this.

Wii Colors
Yay Finaly the Wii colors. At launch Wii will ONLY be releasing the white wii. Later on we will have a Black Wii,Lime,Red Wiis offered. But don't forget the wii motes! there will also be Various colors of wiimotes offered.

*Bonus Topics*
Yayyyy for the bonus addition of the What to expect from wii at launch thread. How to get YOUR wii on Launch!
1. Steal it {Not Recommanded}
2. Preorder it
3. Camp out
4. Ask a friend to go buy/preorder it for you then pay him {Remember to ask him to give you the receipt. And that he uses YOUR adress and phone when preordering}

Another Bonus Addition that updates alot The official what to expect from wii at launch ... STORES ACCEPTING PREORDERS!!
1.EBgames - Starting preorders US-Oct13 - Canada- oct 16th
2.Toys.r.Us Canada [Stopped]
3.Amazon [ Out of stock ]
4.FYE [US i think]

What accessories are there for the wii?
Actualy I've finaly got that answer [finaly]
Here is a list of the accessories and the basic info of where to get...

Wii AC adapter. This comes with the wii. Or bought for 3000yen (30$)

Wii AV Cable. Also comes with the wii. Or Bought for 1000 Yen (10$)

Wii S-Video,Improve the quality of the gaming pictures. 25$[2500Yen]

Wii D-Video, Gives same quality of gaming pictures as Svideo. 25$(2500yen)

Wii Component cable, Bought at 2500 yen ( 25$ )

512MB SD card. Made by Nintendo, 3800Yen (38$)

Wii LAN adapter. Allows one with wired connection to use Wifi. Its basicaly a USB LAN adapter made by nintendo.2800 yen (28$)

The System in its glory
Alrighty guys ready for another uber part of my uber thread;)
So What exacly is there in the wii?
The wii contains alot of parts. Including a flip open cover where you insert a SD card. On the top there is another flip open cover this one for the Gamecube stuff. On the back you got 2 USB 2.0 Ports. And also on the back are the slots to insert the wires that will come with the wii.

Everything else unmentioned. In other words I am not feeling like making another blue title.
Everything unmentions:
-What about Wii points? How am i to purchase this product.
The Product is purchased as Cards. According to sources you can buy 1000, 2000 , 5000 Wii points cards. Im not sure though 1 Point is worth 1 cent.US

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Nice little post there. I thought most launch games were confirmed? Also, is Blitz a launch game? If so I am definitely getting that.
Thank you so much, I've been looking around for a list of launch games, and I was way to lazy to make one myself. Now it's alot easier to choose which games I'm going to get. =)
I didn't see this post before but i did update my Detailed Wii Setup Tutorial with the new accessorys and new questions
Accessories are nice. Can I just ask, as I've never purchased an SD card before, is the Nintendo price a little over the top? I've heard that 2 GB SD cards can be bought for $80 Australian.
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Flip said:
Accessories are nice. Can I just ask, as I've never purchased an SD card before, is the Nintendo price a little over the top? I've heard that 2 GB SD cards can be bought for $80 Australian.
yea i think they are overpriced im going to buy a normal one instead of nintendo's