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Feb 16, 2007
Liverpool, UK
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Uh, just a suggestion. If you're going to post your iTunes print screens you could maybe chop off the categories that no one needs to know, like last played and crap like that (genre also causes a lot of scuffles.)

*Right click the first row with Name, Artist, Album etc and untick the unnecessary ones.


This also makes it more readable when you put it onto Paint straight away. But, if bigger is what you want enlarge it in a better program.


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Apr 10, 2007
En4Neo said:
I did it as a joke. Looks like you tried and failed. :3 :3 :3

BTW did any of you know that guy from Modest Mouse cuts himself during performances...cuz...ya...he kinda does.

he he he ... ':3' the first time i saw that face was in the anime Trigun ^^

and that's great... ^^ if i've ever heard of them... and ever go to see them... i'll take an umbrella... Now that you mention it... somebody at work forced me to listen to one of their songs... i think.... i just turned my Creative up =)

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