Favourite 'Other' Console

Yea i'd agree with that, but only because i mod chipped it and installed a much bigger hard drive.

Playing mario kart on it was fun :p
honestly i don't really have a favorite system, never owned the xbox but between my ps2 and gc i probably play the gc more, depending on what new game has caught my eye
i loved my gpx2 untill it broke
ps2 at the moment
disgaea, guitar hero, loads of arcade games
xbox is by far my favorite, especially having a modded one. My house was the default Halo1 house so during the summer and school wkends we would always have people over playing anywhere from 2v2 to 8v8 (wow..good times!!) then newb game called halo2 killed it :'(
registerednerd said:
well, I've never actually owned a non-nintendo console, so PC would have to be my vote

I agree so it would be PC for me