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Jan 26, 2009
I have some problems when playing FIFA online. Almost everytime that I connect to play with other people sometimes it delays a bit on connecting with the opponent, sometimes it just doesn't, but the biggest matter comes when playing. Almost everytime the game ends in the middle of a match because the connection fails (doesn' matter that much when losing though :p). What I want to know is if it is a problem with my connection or is it something that happens to eveyone. I can play Call of Duty and works fine. Also the internet performs well in my pc at the same distance from the internet router, and the internet channel in the Wii works fine aswell. What could be happening?

Thanks in advance.
Same here. I'm getting really frustrated.

I've noticed that it happens when a player kicks the ball out of bounds over or around the goal and the goalie then has to line up for a goal kick. Right then it happens if you swing the remote and try and boot it. Really sucks and ruins a very enjoyable game.

I've found that if I just tap a pass out real quick with the A button that it often doesn't do it. It's almost as if the detailed graphics at that point ( the most detailed and moving of the game ) lock it up and cause a connection problem.

Where this really sucks is there are some wussy clowns that know it exists and try to get a quick first goal and then boot it way out of bounds repeatedly until the game locks up and ends. You'll get screwed and they'll force the loss on you no matter how long the game is !!!

Someone please tell me how to fix this or what can be done ?? REALLY LAME.
It does it to me aswell .............................there is nothing wrong with any of you wii's connections.... it happens when you play people from quite a far distance from where you are and the connection between the two people isnt very good so it just stops the match rather than carries on lagging the game

i think:D
Next time you play watch when it screws up. It's nearly always when the goalie goes to boot it out.

I played 23 games Sunday morning. 21 ended within 2 minutes of play ( goal kick was the culprit nearly every time. One time a player was just dribbling across midfield and it froze up ). One game made it nearly past halftime and one game lasted until the end.

The games that lasted longest had no balls exit the field over the line parralel to the goal, therefore no goalie kicks. I personally feel it's the complexity of that screen or camera view behind the goalie and how the graphics pan from side to side. Must be too much for the connection to handle.

Can EA send an upgrade or something to fix this error ? I like the product FIFA very much but for those of us that shelled out the $$ this is a very disappointing problem and it makes me concerned about buying next year's game until I know it's fixed.
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Thanks so much for the info!! I'll score every shot then, so the goalie doesn't have to make any goal kick :p

Its a bit disappointing, but at least now I know that its an issue of the game.
I play Mario Strikers with a beast of a wireless router and the only times I get a disconnect is when the pansy hits the reset. 95% of my games make it all the way through. I'd say 80% of the FIFA games I play don't make it to half time. That's really poor. The distance could be a factor because many of the opponents I play against are European or Latino and obviously not nearby ( North Carolina ). Is there a way to test the distance theory by getting in a North American lobby and playing just local games ??

There is definately a problem with the online feed between Wii systems for FIFA 2009. Could the forum moderator please forward this to tech support so they can assist us in a solution ? It's really a fun game and there is nothing like online competition.

I'll be online tonight betwee 9 - 1 AM EST. Maybe we can meet on there and see if a game lasts all the way through. Give me a holler if you'll be online bewteen those times.
NEED players that know about the connection error

looking for players that know that you cant kick the ball high when it goes out for a goal kick or is their an update or is this because people are moding their wiis
please let me know if you what to go in a new league ??????
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Now that I've played the game online more times, I've noticed what you said BRB19. You're right, most of the times the game fails after making a goal kick. A way I've tried to get rid of that is just shaking the wii remote like crazy when there is going to be a goal kick so the goalkeeper just kicks right away as soon as possible. It works most of the times, though the game keeps disconnecting at some point. Quite frustrating, but got to finish more games than before, thanks :)
NEED players that know about the connection error

i found that if you start a game thru create a game you see how much thier connection strength is and if it is high then your more than likly to stay connected and it dosn't matter were they are from i tried this last night and i was playing people fron mexio and south america without getting any error

Im still looking for players on here so we can try all this out
my wii name is JPNGREEN add me

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