First "Play On Wii - Metroid Prime" Trailer

WOW man, I got chills just looking at that video. Metrod Prime was the best game ever crafted by human hands. Now with Wii controls it just got more awesome. I can't wait!!!
I'm not big on Nintendo re-making all these games with Wii controls. I'd rather them work on new titles for the Wii rather than Wii-makes.
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Actually, I'm cool with it. I'd love the other Metroid games all on one console with the same, perfect, controls. Its such a wonderful series anyway, hopefully this gets more into it.

And then theres things like Pikmin 2 and Jungle Beat, which I never got to play but always wanted to.

Wont buy Mario Tennis mind.
I will eat that game up as though it is made of candy.
Only question is, are there new features? Either way, I'm totally re-buying Prime on the Wii. I'll give my GameCube copy to some orphans or something.

How could you say "I won't give you Metroid Prime" to that face?
I'm excited for these remakes especially the Metroid games basically i never really could stand the originals control scheme especially after playing 3.
Now i get to see what the fuss is about. blind buy.

i played some of corruption but the story had changed too much for me.
What beam is she firing at 1:36, looks oddly like the Nova Beam.

Nah - it was the regular power beam. That green beam is being shot from the parasite queen's mouth - it's not one of Samus' weapons.
I'm with Jay, I never got to play Metroid 1 or 2 (did play 3) and never played Pikmin so I'm excited for those. Mario Tennis is "meh"..

This looks good though, can't wait.