Footy: Take it or Leave it!

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Lewi T.

Jul 13, 2009
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-Just woke up and had a shower, about to have some breakfast, then I'm definitely starting chaos revision.
-I hate this situation, but it's probably better than nothing.
-I think that's everything : /

-Really need to revise. From Friday until Wednesday, I was only meant to have Sunday off. So far, I've had Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today off. Oops.
-Excellent distraction is excellent, though.
-Creme Egg Twisted Miniature Hero is average.
-Could do with another brewster.
-Relapse is effing quality. Can't stop listening to it.
-Graduation Ball in Anfield. Excellent.

-Oh my God I am pathetically tired. It's happened again.
-I WILL revise tomorrow. ****'s sake.
-I don't know what to dooooo! Argh.
-Starving. Like **** can I move to go downstairs though.

-Just woke up and having breakfast. Bagel with Philly cheese and a toasted teacake.
-It's absolutely LASHING down. Why?
-NEED to revise today. I'll get started after breakfast.

-Can't be arsed.
-Jussi is boss.

-Think I'm done for the night.
-8 hour sleep, showered and clothed, then last exam.
-That first drink in AJ's after it is going to be excellent.
-Then off for a meal somewhere.
-Then home to sleep as I've got an excellently large weekend ahead of me, that really will destroy me.
You again? Are you really that pathetic?

And I know you're the same moron who was causing a nuisance on Ninstation earlier.
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