From a headbut to insanaty (avoid if on dail up)

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it will only letme show 4 pics at once
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There was a brill one (over 1 meg so cant unpload)
it had him nuting a enitre army
forgot these
Homicidal_Gamer said:
I was being a bit sarcastic there, it is funny, :D but in reality thats pretty messed up to how he got headbutted.
yeah, but how do you think Zidane feels? he planned to retire after that game and now everyone will know him as the headbutter, instead of a great soccer player!
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Lachadine said:
:lol: :lol: rotfl :lol: :lol:
those are REALLY funny! you make them?

No sadly
thanks to a web stie (cant post link +18)
I've seen another one were he headbutts him over and says "that was for the Socceroos"