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May 26, 2006
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hi i have 40 pound left and i have already preordered zelda and my bro is buying a 2nd wii mote and wondering game would u also reccomend preordering?
In my opinion, you should buy wii play firstly. It comes with a free wii mote so your bro will just have to buy a nunchuk attatchment. And then you are probably looking at a multiplayer game as you will want to utilize the fact u have two wiimotes and two people so maybe u could choose from: excite truck, red steel or tony hawk down hill jam among many more. Im sorry but i dont understand pounds so i dont no how much what i said would add up to but im pretty sure that i can estimate it is over 40 pounds :) so just... GET SOME MORE MONEY!
I dunno, they all look good. I do know that I'm getting Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Legend of Zelda, and Red Steel.
Sparda said:
Madden 07 :D *everyone looks at him* what? D:
MADDEN074LIFE! Madden 07 looks really good except one thing. I dont think it will be worth buying it straight away. If i buy it, it will be in a couple of months after. U need to buy games like zelda and red steel as your firsts, i dont know why.
ime getting ZELDA and red steel, but excite truck looks like an awesomr game 2 play ive seen trailers and stuff

M7TICALM...READ THIS.... ime the dude from drama u know ...vally.. HAHAHA
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i was thinkin of rayman and wario.... what do you think?