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Apr 18, 2009
Hi, I'm considering buying a Wii. I'm mostly interested in using it to play a certain type of needs to have the following qualities/features:

1. The game must be very easy to learn to play, like in 5 minutes or less.
2. The game should be fun.
3. The game should be a multiplayer game, but with the option to play the CPU.
4. In singly player mode, the skill level of the CPU should be adjustable manually.
5. Each "game" should be relatively short, on average 10 mins or less. Or at least there should be an option to play games this short.
6. The game should have a clear scoring system.
7. The game should be largely skill-based, the element of chance should not play too large of a role.
8. Ideally, the game would be highly configurable, but this isn't necessary if the above requirements are satisfied.

So, any recommendations?:) I initially thought Wii Sports Tennis would do the trick, but apparently the skill level of the CPU isn't adjustable. Here are some games I'm currently looking into:

Wii Play Laser Hockey
Big Brain
Mario Party
Rayman Raving Rabbit
Wario Ware

But I'd really appreciate some suggestions here, I have very little knowledge of Wii and Wii software (including the games above)...Thanks! :thumbsup:
If it wasnt for requirement number 7 I would have said that Mario Kart Wii would have been your best bet. It's still a great game though, and certainly worth considering.
MLB Power Pros. cept its a little longer. i think you can adjust the games to 5 innings though which usually takes about 15 minutes (unless you cant get anyone out hah)
but yeah MLB Power Pros 08 is a good game and you can usually find it for like 30 bucks. nice and cheap :yesnod:
Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2. Great fighting game and has excellent multiplayer options. Completely customizable difficulty and setting. Wether or not you are a Naruto fan is irrelevant, this is a great game wether you are a die-hard fan or have never seen an episode.
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Thanks everyone, I will check all of these out!
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Very fun, very addictive, and if you don't like unlocking everything early on then this game is perfect. I've been playing it about a year and a half now and still don't have everything.