Game Titles For New Games


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Jul 2, 2006
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Name titles for what u think the next game in a series should be called.

Mario Kart: Speed Demons
Super Smash Bros. Fatal Blow

These r not good one's I know, there just examples. Plz try to be serious though - thx
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Animal Crossing: World Tour

(hav explanations if u want, sry Supermario u can say urs now)Explanation:There's many cities and in each city u have to buy a house (that way u could decorate 4 houses 4 different ways).
Super Mario Spy
(Mario has to save princess peach sping in all the mushrom kingddom for some clues of where bowser is)
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Lol, seriously. Pokemon pewter. Pokemon tye-dye. Pokemon puke green. It just goes on and on and on.....
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(sonic related)
Chaos crossing: wild world (only for the nintendo ds)
Wut do u mean this is a rip off?
Doctor Mario Wii
(They gotta make a game just for Doctor Mario but it has to be a real adventure, not a rip-off of tetris)
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I HATE D.O.C. (Disastrous Odious Crap) games, but then again I hate D.O.C. himself.
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The adventures of kirby: fluffy, cute and deadly