GameStop/EB Games Midnight Release?

My "Hastings" Store Did A Release For The 360... But We Didn't Have Gamestop Then...

Theyre Should Be A Midnight Release For The Wii At Hastings...
wow...i REALLY doubt they get shipped or be OPEN at midnight...well maybe, i meant hats what walmart does, but i doubt they be open...maybe your should wait the the trucks to ship it, and when them trucks get there,, u kick their asses and take a bunch of wiis
im just gonna preorder from Toys R us. i hear they open preorders on oct 29th
I hope not...that the whole reason I am going to Walmart at 3:00 am on the 18th!! That and I had no money when they were doing Preorders!
I asked my EBGames and they said there will be NO Wiis that you can buy on launch day if you don't have one preordered. I think that's crap, but then again, my mall is open around 10am, but the stores inside it open at 12pm, so there would probably be a line, although it's funny, in my town there are still a lot of people who don't know anything about Wii.
All of the gamestops/EBs in the Washington area have said if you haven't pre-ordered one then you aren't getting one here.

My target is getting 120 units

And the Best Buy is being hush hush for some stupid reason.

So, what would yur suggestion be? Wait early early at target or go to best buy and just hope they have a ton of units like they have in the past?
Hm. It's weird because the EB games store here have said they won't be having a launch party, they'll just be "promoting" Wii more on it's release day.

Then again the EB store here is very small and pocketed. It still has everything you need but it's no where near big enough for a launch party.

You'd lol if you saw how small it was to be honest.
no launch parties in South carolina mid state area. the gamestop/EBs only got 10-15 for launch day not much in the way of throwing a party over lol...
wow all the stores in my area aren't doing midnight releases. The Best Buy said they aren't getting very many and the target said they didn't know...but thanks to a site on the internet :). I was able to find out they will probably receive 120 units. Also no midnight release of target. They open at 8 and I am probably going to be waiting longer than 1 day.
Lucky. I wish my EB would do a damn midnight release.

So, I have to wait at target starting 9 am saturday till 8 am Sunday. Hooray for being a nerd.
csiguy4u said:
I talked to my ebgames guy today and he said they were 75% shure that they were doing a midnight release.

I can't wait!

I went to ebgames today and they are 100% sure they will be doing a midnight release. . . the guy I asked was the guy scheduled to work the shift, so I told him thanks for working it.