GC vs Wii


Nov 1, 2006
Does anyone have both the Wii version and Gamecube? Are the graphics much better? From what most people are saying, they make it sound like a direct port from GC to Wii... graphics and all. The only thing that is different are the controls. Is that true? Are the GC graphics the same as Wii?
wii graphics are better and the controls are obviously better on wii. and the maps (dungeons, landscapes etc.) in the gc version are mirror image to the maps in the wii version.
No, I have a friedn who didn't want to spring for a Wii and so he bought the GC version of TP. The entire game is mirrored. Like when you walk inot ordon village from link's house, the shop is on the left, not the right - this trend applies to the layout of the entire game. Other than that, they're identical.

I'm pretty sure the Wii holds a better framerate than the GC version (especially with the water fx), though.
Besides 16:9 widescreen support, Wii version and GC version are nearly identical.

You won't be able to tell which version you are watching if the games were being played in 4:3 setting.

Of course, the entire map is a mirror image and Link is left-handed.
agreeing with what everyone has already said, it is a port over from the gamecube, but they had to remake all of the controls to better suit and make the most out of the wiimote+nunchuk control setup.