Wii LoZ =! GC LoZ ?


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Jun 16, 2006
The title is quite self explanatory, I see people here and there and on other boards such as the IGN one (man that thing is huge :p) who seem to have this stance on the upcoming Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess.

"I'm going to definitely by the Gamecube version as there's no difference at all except the controls"

I don't quite understand this, so are these people saying that although they're buying the Wii they're buying a game they could get for ~$50 on the new console for perhaps ~$60 on the old one o_O It's been my experience that in England the gamecube games have ridiculously high priced even now at about £36.99 some of theme.

Also I recall reading somewhere that even though the content etc and the majority of the grafics are identical in both versions the Wii version is going to support a higher framerate.

Basically what I'm saying is why are people buying the GC version which is virtually identical to the Wii version? It makes sense to me to buy it for the newer console :S? Some arguments are as retarded as, I'm loyal to the GC and the game was meant to come out on this console first so that's what I'm playing it on. It's almost as if these people think because it was originally planned for the GC then the Wii version is inferior or something.

I for one think that the Wii version while having the Wii controls as standard may throw in the original keybindings as an option so you can use a GC controller.

Thoughts? Which version are you buying?
i was gonna buy the GC version at first because i was iffy about how it was gonna be played on the wii controller but after seeing the E3 demo of it and seeing how the controller is going to be used with the game, i changed my mind! im VERY excited for this game and cant wait to play it
Wii definately. and my friends are going to buy the GC version because they cant afford a wii right now so i get to play both versions early on:p
I think it would have been better for Nintendo if they just had the Wii version but make it optional in the game to use a gamecube controller or the wiimote and nunchuka. This way they make more money because the people that have gamecube are now going to be forced to buy the Wii just for Zelda and they make everybody happy but making it optional to use the wiimote in the game. Plus the game will have a better framerate and maybe use Wiiconnect24 to download extra stuff for the game thus not excluding the people that have gamecube. Oh yeah people who never had gamecube are probaly gonna have to buy gamecube controllers if they don't want to play with the wiimotes in the game. See this makes everybody happy: Nintendo makes a bunch of money, and the LoZ fanboys are somewhat happy.
To answer your question Taero: I would buy the Wii version
^^for anyone who didn't own a gamcube, why wouldn't they want to paly it with the WiiMote? The only reason to use the GCN controller that I can think of is so y ou don't have to learn a new set of controls, which non-GCN owners would have to do anyway.
I'm going for the Wii version, mostly just because I need something to play on it when I buy the console (well, I'll have Metroid Prime 3 as well). And I'm pretty sure no Wii games will cost more than about $50 (in pounds, round that up to £30).
^^ ha, you live in houston ... like me!

i AM buying the wii version ... why wouldn't you? and buying the GC version just to stay loyal to the GC is one of the most retarted things i have heard in a while.... f the GC. You know you can buy the wii and GC version and play them both on the wii .... if your pockets are big enough.
wiiener said:
^^ ha, you live in houston ... like me!

Where abouts? Im moving to the appartments by the Galleria but on the other side of 610, just behind the Hotel Derek and Sulivans Steakhouse. Might have a new Wiimate ^_^