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Aug 10, 2006
Hi i'm will, i'm new here, just come to check out anything about Wii, it's going to be an awesome console
Supermariomp3 said:
Welcome, wii rulez!!!

Hey that's my name, I guess i'll except even I've been on here for 3 months.:lol: Oh and welcome to WiiChat!!!!!!
hello friend, you wont regret joining this forum.
here are many topics and discussions that are wii related, chat with us on those. :)
(scoffs) im australian too and i love it here. Theres no reason why people should be stereotypical 'bout us. We are friendly people and like to be friendly.

but anyway, G'day Will! :)
Icetrash said:
racist...just because he says G'day you think hes an Australian? pffft stereotypes these days

im irish and me and my friends joke about our races all the time.

so anyway, u do not have 2 be so sensitive
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