Goron mountain mini boss


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Nov 5, 2006
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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I am at the guy in the goron mountain dungeon where u get a new weapon. There is the platform that rotates around and the big hulky goron has metal armor and he will roll into a ball and roll all over the platform making it tilt.

What do I have to do to kill him?
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So um, My ordon shield burnt up...when do I get a new one?
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first off you should have bought the Hylian Shield b4 u started the dungeon in Kakariko Village for 200 rupees. and when u get stuck normally wat i do is figure out where i haven't been yet and figure out how to get there.
my shield burnt up at the boss. on my way to the next temple. i got some mail from the shop owner saying he had a special item and it turned out to be the hyrulian shield
give him some distance and he will "wind" up for a punch exposing his belly, do your z + A jump slash attack. That will make him roll up and try to roll over you. The hard part is after he becomes a ball, you have to be quick to switch on your iron boots and hold him down