Groud Breaking News!! Kinda


Aug 6, 2006
If you want to buy Wii games, right now the best place to get them at would be Best Buy, all their Wii games are $49.99 unlike Gamestop and even Walmart! Best Buy also has titles set for release at 11/03 but I'm sure that means nothing, but if these prices don't change for all the shops, stick to best buy!!

You can also reserve there, so it might be a safe bet to reserve there before or if the prices get jacked up, because they can't change the price on you after you preorder, its a gamble favoring you!
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Anyone? Dont people care about this? Dose Best Buy know something others dont!?
49.99, that would be good, as i see no reason for 60 Wii game, as the use DVD, mayeb a 60 dollar game for blue-ray, but still thats high.. i wish it was 29 and 39 or 39 and 49
the only problem with games that cheap(29 and 39 i mean) would be that people take them as crappy and a novelty item, even personally when i see a 39.99 game, i almost right away dont want it
Nintendo said they don't know why Microsoft and Sony have high game prices. They are going to keep it a max of $50
I believe it was mentioned that Nintendo titles would be under the $50 mark, but 3rd party games could be as high as $60. Typical of the next-gen systems. :(