Guitar Hero: World Tour - Band Formation


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Feb 12, 2009
Hey GH:WT Wii gamers.

I wanted to make a thread to help facilitate the forming of Online bands for co-op and battle of the bands play.

I currently own the WT band kit and the drums are my passion. I can play the majority on Expert Some I play on hard (and there might be one or two I play Medium, but I think that was a while ago)

I played GH1-3 before on Guitar and am rather proficient on Guitar/Bass (Expert on 95% of the songs)

So I'd Like to find some guitar/bass players who want to jam from time to time.

I generally work 4PM - 12AM (Midnight) EST Mon - Fri. but I jam on the Drums after midnight no problems =)

I'm off today, tomorrow if anyone wants to jam in the short term.

If you can't/don't want to jam with yours truly, feel free to co-ordinate your own band in this thread.

Good luck everyone =)
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