Rock Band, Band Hero, Guitar Hero - what do I get?


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Sep 19, 2010
I cannot find Rock Band with instruments for the Wii anywhere. The only similar game I can find is Wii Band Hero featuring Taylor Swift. Is this Band Hero game my best option if I want to play the drums and guitar on Wii? Can I use the guitar in Band Hero with Guitar Hero software and Rock Band software? I'm not really sure how any of this stuff works. Also, does Band Hero and Rock Band support 1 player mode? Or do they require at least 2 players?
If it´s your best option I do not Know, depends of musical tastes, though I´m guessing every one of this games have a couple of good songs to play in either guitar or drums, as I know you can use GH hardware with RB software from the RB2 and later RB games but does not apply inversaly, and of course all of this games support 1 player mode, I will recommend you GH WoR, just have it little ago and I´ts great!!!
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But my problem is that I can't find the instruments anywhere except in the Band Hero bundle. Even then I have to order it from which I don't like doing for expensive things (I'd prefer to get it from a physical store). I can't find anything in stores like Best Buy, Game Stop, Toys R Us, Walmart, or Target. They have tons of stuff for Playstation and Xbox, but nothing for Wii.

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