Guitar Hero World Tour

Eh, I only have the guitar for it and I'm fine with that. Guitar is the best instrument anyways.
i have just the guitar and now cant wait for them to release the drums on their own so i can get them.
you already have ghIII. get the guitar bundle, then you have 2 guitars, buy the drums later if you really want them.
Drums have been announced to be $100 separate, so you should get full band if you want drums. Plus GHWT full band kit works with Rock Band 2.
im in australia, pricing is a bit different here.

why would i want another guitar, i can only play one at a time, and when my mates come over, they bring their guitar.

My dad has this game with just the guitar and it's perfect how it is.

If you intend of playing this with others then you might as well get the other instraments, however if you think you'll play alone just get the guitar. I get enough enjoyment out of the game with just the guitar.