Hafa Adai! (custom greeting in my native tongue--chamorro)


Sep 14, 2006
hey everybody! this is my first time on this site, as well as--believe it or not--my first time ever participating in an online forum. i've been in a few live ones (addressing things like abortion and cloning), but never online and never for anything like this.

now, i've been out of the gaming scene for years. the last time i was ever truly a "gamer" was back when i was in the 6-7th grade. what was my preferred system of choice? n64, by FAAAARRRRR. i remember getting mario64 as my first game because it came with the system, and i instantly fell in love. but after i had my run with that system, i was getting older and, quite frankly, i was getting bored with just sitting around and playing games all day. i wanted to socialize.

needless to say, i've done my fair share of meeting people and partying and things of that nature. i'm more of a laid-back, get a cold iced tea and some chips and watch a good sitcom (king of queens rocks!) or dvd. never once, though, did i ever think about rejoining the gaming community. never. until...

i heard about this nintendo revolution deal. and having known about its most previous system (gamecube), i wasn't all too excited about it. afterall, i had been out of it for a while. but i happened, by chance, to stumble across nintendo's official website (looking for a character's name i had long forgotten), and it was doing one helluva job promoting its latest creation--the wii. and so, out of curiosity, i open the link. and the rest, my dear friends, is history.

i've done my homework (researched 360, ps3 and the wii), and i cannot be any prouder than to say that i am still a full-fledged nintendo supporter; a traditionalist, if you will. and i cannot be any more excited for the launch of this system (as clearly shown by me joining this site). i've been going into all the gaming stores i could find here at home (guam--an island, and unincorporated u.s. territory with us citizenship, in the middle of the pacific, for those who don't know), and i've put myself on multiple waiting lists for the system plus the new zelda release. i'm looking forward with interacting with any and all of you, because my excitement doesn't seem to be tamed with just researching all the sites online. thanks for letting me join this site everybody, and i'll chat with all of you soon!
Great intro dodabird, welcome to the site :)

Nice timing too, as Nintendo are getting ready to unveil the Wii launch details in the next hour or so.

See you on the forums.
hafa adai dodabird!
got a wii address?
looks like we're the only ones from guam on here.
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no, man..i don't have a wii address. sadly, i don't know how to get one. if i need online access, then my house doesn't have a router, and the wii doesn't have an ethernet connection port. i hear it's coming out in january, so i'll probably just have to wait. if the address doesn't need an internet connection, can you tell me how to get one?
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and buenas! dude, how long have you been on this site?

and btw...my wii is AWESOME!!!!!!