Wii wish you a merry Chrismas


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Sep 15, 2006
Well, it will be for me when I get my Wii from the wife (or should that be Wiife?) on the 25th.

Never been much of a gamer really. I had a Gameboy in 1992 and loved Tetris, played a friends SNES in the early 90s for Streetfighter II, then over the years I've tried unsuccesfully to get into the Gamecube and PS. I've never been very good at video games and don't have the patience to learn! I have a PSP which I occasionally play Lumines and Everybody's Golf on.

The Wii however seems like a whole different animal and looks like the video games system I've been hankering for all this time. Wii Sports looks great and the thought of playing a Madden game where I can 'throw' the football is awesome. The Wii has my excited about something in the video games industry for the first time in, well, ever!

I think I've waffled enough - married, live in Herts (England), work on the web, like MMA, wrestling, hair rock and Star Wars. Good to meet you all.
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Welcome to the forums Ste, looks like nintendos plan to appeal to the non-gamers is really working :)

See you on the forums.

Im saving my crhistmass pics for december but trust me there hot (and nonnude)