Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix (Wii)

Well, I still like more realistic books even if they are fantasy genre
I think that it will involve alot of swinging of the wiimote to cast random spells.

I think that because my cousins are a huge fan, i will rent this one and they can finally learn the spells they already know from watching those silly movies over and over :p
Axtlar said:
ok...but let's face it: it's impossible for the same kids(Harry, Ron and Hermoine) to be the heroes and the ones in trouble and adventures all the time, in every freaking book, who's gonna believe that? if they were old and protectors of the peace or whatever then that's a different story, but that is one of the reasons I think Harry Potter books/movies just can't be

the reason they are always doing sometthing like that is 3 reasons, 1.harry has a murdurer after him 2.they are wizards.... 3.its a book therefore something interesting should take place in each one.
if they just studied,learned spells,passed tests,made A's,didn't play quidditch, then that may be the book you are looking for.....
No, no..I didn't say I liked boredness in books, I agree, in fact, with them putting all that action, but it's just unbelievable...they at least should put some other people to be the heroes every now and then...oh and another thing: how can the teachers in the school let the children have wands if they easily kill people with just knowing a killing spell? that's a big error..it's like giving kids guns in schools and teaching them defend themselves with it.
Axtlar said:
Yeah and she (J.K. Rowling) copied off Tolkien's methods in having a good story just to be famous and have money unlike Tolkien who did it for hobbies..and Rowling even used the name method as Tolkien, example: J.R.R Tolkien, J.K. Rowling

That's a load of rubbish...

Wikipedia said:
Rowling's surname is pronounced like "rolling". Her full name is "Joanne Rowling", not, as is often assumed, "Joanne Kathleen Rowling". Before publishing her first volume, Bloomsbury feared that the target audience of young boys might be reluctant to buy books written by a female author. They requested that Rowling use two initials, rather than reveal her first name. As she had no middle name, she chose K from her grandmother's name Kathleen, as the second initial of her pseudonym. The name Kathleen has never been part of her legal name. She calls herself "Jo" and claims, "No one ever called me 'Joanne' when I was young, unless they were angry."
Wonder if there would be any flying broom racing? (forgot what its called)

Hold the controller on the side and flick it up to do a spin? would be pretty cool.
EWW....a freaking Harry Potter game for the wii....Damn.....thats gonna be terrible!
ryanb said:
Pan's Labyrinth was fantastic!

Yeah it won like 3 Oscars last night and for a fantasy story that has got to be a new record

Yeah I think they should make a Harry Potter MMO that would be fun
[littlejohnvoice/]What[littlejohnvoice] well you know what that's just because the competition was higher this year but geez 11 I didn't even know something could be nominated for that many I mean how many.. I mean... holy crap

Man I can not wait I am such a Harry Potter nerd. I gots all the books and movies. OMG im like so excited I could do this all night :hand: