Harvest Moon Wii

Jun 10, 2006
Just want to know everyones thoughts on what you would like to see happen if they make a Harvest Moon game for the Wii?

I for one think that with the Wii-mote that this sort of game could be handled with so much ease its not funny. Imagine planting crops and such with all the player needing to do was point, instead of always clicking buttons and flicking through menus to choose seed-types, gardening tools and animal feed.

I have always loved any Harvest Moon game as they last for an age and are always different everytime you play. That being said I have always HATED the control and found it tedious to make your way through the menus...

Well anyway, any thoughts? :cool:
Harvest Moon

I am a big fan of the Harvest Moon series and I think that it would be really fun to play on this console, I will defenitly play it. (*****/5)
you are a farmer and the game plays the way you want, it's like hitman games you can complete it anyway you want
it's coming out on the wii hope before christmas though, one downside of the wii discs being the same size as a dvd/cd people will put them in there pc's find un-write-protected parts then edit them

one thing i hope that nintendo do is put hints on the game disc that you can only access by putting it in your pc some ps1 and ps2 discs did that was beasty
I am a big fan of harvest moon and that would be incredible if they made that! It would be interactive in almost every way! Pulling out crops throwing the frisbee to the dog and tending the animals! Endless possibilities!
RhythmGen said:
Harvest Moon is like Hitman huh? :p

i find it hard to tell when people are sarcastic so:

harvest moon is a farming game not killing like hitman the concept is the same; there are several different ways to complete it
all the things you could do with the wiimote would be great! it would be like youre actually a farmer:D