Heavy Metal FAKK2 For the Wii?


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Jun 26, 2006
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Did anyone play Heavy Metal FAKK2 on PC? Probably one of the most fun third-person shooters I've played, and one of the first third person games to also incorporate the "Akimbo-style" weapons system (Akimbo is the term for holding a weapon in both hands). The game was also quite atmospheric with lots of wacky terrain to explore and plenty of weird planetscapes to traverse, not to mention loads of crazy weapons to get your hands on (does anyone else think the idea of a chainsaw sword in a game is absurdly awesome?).

It'd be great if Ritual Entertainment developed another Heavy Metal game for the Wii, especially since the first was so much fun, unfortunately it would probably fall into the Sleeper Hit category (I managed to acquire a copy from the local video store as they have some PC games, I couldn't find anywhere else that had it!).

What do you guys think? Has anyone else played it? Should the Wii have some dark fantasy games?