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Feb 24, 2009
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SO...I figure no one reads these but I'll do one anyway. I'm a 23 year old girl who just got a Wii last week. I don't have a ton of time to play (or figure things out) but I'm trying. Right now the only game I'm playing is Mario Kart- I played it out on Gamecube and N64 and am so excited about it for Wii! I have been playing online but have NO CLUE how to find friends, make my Mii drive or unlock stuff...I could really use a Wii mentor lol but I'll attempt to look around and figure things out for myself first :)Anyway, I just wanted to say hi!
theres plenty of help around these parts.

have fun hun.
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Thanks guys! Hope I see you around.
First one in to say "I wonder why there's so many people in this introduction thread..? LOL". :D

Hahah, welcome to Wiichat. Hope you enjoy the forums! There's a lot of great Mario Kart players here, and most of them should be able to answer your questions and certainly have a few matches on wi-fi.

In terms of unlocking things though, try to beat every cup in Grand Prix mode for 50 CC, 100 CC, 150 CC, and the unlockable mode Mirror. You should generally unlock new karts or bikes whenever you get 1st place on a cup for the first time, and occasionally a new character.

Some characters are unlocked in different ways though, like you need to unlock a few characters by playing every single track on time trials, atleast once. If you ever want to a refer to a guide for unlocking anything, this one should help a lot.


Also, if you havn't already, would you mind reading the rules? Thanks!

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