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Jul 1, 2006
manchester, uk
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Hi there, I would just like to introduce myself, I guess a good place to start would be my gaming history, I started gaming on a NES, a very good console, the games really changed my way of gaming, and really opened my eyes, I think the nes was my first dose of gaming addiction. I also owned a SEGA Master System, which was good in its own right; it had the built-in game "Alex the kid" haha.

After this I went onto the Gameboy, SNES, SEGA mega-drive, Playstation 1, then I bought the holy grail of consoles the N64, this console is arguably the best, the games are great I have well over 30 games for this console, and with only one I think "Why the hell did I buy that" - that game is WWF War zone. Games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, the first smash bros, all classic games, and games I still play with my friends, it has only been a week ago since we had a multiplayer on Perfect Dark. I then bought the SEGA Dreamcast, which I still play from time to time, the games for this are still great, and it was a great console until they stopped supporting it.

My next consoles were the PS2 and the Gamecube, the PS2 being bought first, I still play both of these and have a lot of games for them, I really enjoy the Gamecube and its games, they give me so much more than the games on the PS2, I think my main reason for buying the PS2 was for the metal gear solid series :lol: I never bought an XBOX and I never will, but my anti-Xbox socks will stay in the draw for today.

I own a PC obviously, and I’m a big PC gamer, perhaps more so, but I still find time for consoles because the games are so great.

I simply cannot wait for the Wii, I love Nintendo, they always bring new ideas to the table, and they consistently impress me, not only with there new ways to actually play the game, but for the fact they constantly bring out classic games at are amazingly fun to play, I'm positive this console will be a success, it's innovative and something new, PS3 and XBOX360 bring better graphics, wow shall I just update my PCs graphics card then? I will basically get the same results, this is where Nintendo shine, they focus on new ways to play, and they have brought this with the Wii. Lets face it, an updated computer, that runs with better graphics is nice, but it's nothing my PC can't do, the Wii gives me new ways to play games, which is what gaming is all about, fancy graphics don't hold much ground for today’s gamers, it's content and playability Nintendo give you this in bucket loads, and it's a company I trust in to deliver me a fresh and exciting experience.

Despite being a gaming addict, I work as a support technician for Tyco. I'm a big movie fan, I enjoy listening to music also, two of my favourite bands are Tool and Deftones, I also enjoy reading, as I hope you guys have ^^

Hello and /salute

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great to have you here :)

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